Will new Spanish travel rules affect Brits travelling to Aragon MotoGP?

With Spanish MotoGP and WorldSBK races around the corner, new travel rules in Spain could see British tourists forced to prove they can afford to go.

Jorge Martin leads group of MotoGP riders in 2021 Aragon GP. - Gold and Goose

Spanish authorities now have the possibility to ask for a number of documents, including proof of funds; proof of accommodation; and proof of an onward or return ticket when tourists enter the country, which could also be a problem for fans of two wheels.

The Daily Record reports that authorities in Spain could ask tourists to show proof they have enough money for the time they are due to spend in the country, with a minimum of €100 (around £85) per day, and a further minimum of €900 (around £750) in total. This is done via cash, cheques, payment letters, or credit cards proven to have sufficient funds.

These of course are not insignificant amounts of money, but also not entirely alien compared to what many people would take with them for a non-all-inclusive holiday.

Additionally, tourists can be asked to show proof that they have a ticket to leave the country at the end of their stay, either returning or onward, and they must also be able to prove they have somewhere to stay during their visit. 

The new Spanish rules present a problem for bikers wishing to holiday in Spain. With September seeing two World Championship races in the country - MotoGP’s Grand Prix of Aragon on 16-18 September and WorldSBK’s Catalunya Round on 23-25 September - these rules could prove problematic for those hoping to travel to Spain for either or both of those events.

Further to this, motorcycle holidays are a popular way of spending time abroad. Ducati recently announced their own programme including trips to Sardegna and Tuscany, and in Britain there are several companies which take clients to international circuits for track days.

These track day holidays often visit Europe, and circuits like Italy’s Mugello or Portugal’s Portimao. But, in addition to those, Spanish circuits like Jerez and Almeria are popular - Almeria in particular as its location makes it a track that can offer good conditions also in the winter. 

While Grands Prix and WorldSBK rounds can attract people from all over Europe and beyond, UK-based track day and events organisers might face a more complicated situation if Brits are put-off travelling to Spain.

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