Will Elvis Presley’s Harley finally become the world's most valuable motorcycle?

The third most valuable motorcycle in the world - an Elvis Presley Harley-Davidson Electra Glide - is going back up for auction just three years on...

Harley-Davidson Electra, Elvis Presley

A 1976 Harley-Davidson FLH 1200 Electra Glide owned by the late great Elvis Presley is back up for auction, just three years after it fetched more than $800,000 under the hammer.

One of many Harley-Davidson motorcycles Presley owned during his life, this particular model, however, has particular significance as his last Harley prior to his death, aged 42, in 1977.

Indeed, after putting only 126 miles on the clock, Presley proceeded to donate the almost pristine Harley to Murdo, SD Pioneer Auto Museum, where it would remain within a glass casing for the next 30 years.

As such, when the decision was taken to put the Electra Glide up for auction in 2019, it generated significant publicity around the world, raising speculation it could attract bids as high as $2,000,000.

In the end, the winning bid wasn’t quite so extravagant, with the hammer coming down at just over $800,000 from an undisclosed buyer. Nevertheless, that was still enough for it to be named the third most valuable motorcycle ever sold.

Roll forward three years and the very same motorcycle is going through an online bidding process once more (SEE HERE). As something that has appreciated in value already over the decade, could we see this Harley surpass a Ex-Jack Ehret 1951 Vincent Black Lightning worth $929,000 to make it THE most expensive motorcycle of all-time?

We’ll have to wait and see but we’re sceptical. Firstly, there is absolutely no mention of the motorcycle’s whereabouts or use since it was last sold at auction, other than saying it ‘shows very low, original miles and has retained all of its originality as when it was purchased by Elvis’. Auctioneers GWS do, however, say it starts up and has a video proving so on request.

The bidding has begun at only $100,000 and is rising in increments of $10,000. As of writing, the leading bid is $120,000 though there is still another three weeks until the auction is closed.

On a side note, while we're no experts, those are some terrible photos on the auction page... just saying

The Harley-Davidson is one of several Elvis Presley items - including his Lincoln Continental limousine and even his private jet - going under the hammer in what is titled the Lost Jewelry Collection of Elvis Presley and Colonel Tom Parker.

The auction is supported by Elvis’ widow Priscilla Presley, who will write a personal letter to the winning bidder to accompany the motorcycle upon delivery.

What are the most expensive motorcycles in the world?

As we mentioned before, a pristine and rare example of the 1951 Vincent Black Lightning [above] holds position as the most valuable motorcycle ever sold after fetching $929,000 at a Bonhams auction in 2018.

Only 33 examples of the Vincent were ever produced, but just 19 of those remain in existence. It is the motorcycle Jack Ehret took to a new World Land Speed Record of 141mph in 1953.

In second position is the extraordinary 1915 Cyclone Board Track Racer, a revolutionary motorcycle that swapped out pedals for a surprisingly sophisticated 999cc V-Twin engine capable of 45bhp and triple digit top speeds. Only 12 examples were ever made, one of which was owned by Steve McQueen, with this particular version above selling for $852,500.

Incidentally, the all-time list DOESN’T include ‘Captain America’, the iconic Harley chopper as used  in the cult classic film, Easy Rider. It sold at auction in 2014 for a whopping $1.3 million… before the sale was deemed null and void when it was discovered to not be as authentic as advertised.