Wheelie biker gets stern telling off from mounted copper

'Get out of the Square Mile and don't come back.'

A BIKER was given a dressing down from a mounted policeman after pulling a wheelie in London’s Square Mile.

The rider recorded himself on a helmet-mounted GoPro camera as he pulled the stunt in a 20mph speed limit zone. The footage was later posted to YouTube.

The policeman on horseback blocked the street and said: ‘Why do you think you’ve been stopped?

‘You’re pulling a wheelie and you’re recording it on that.’

The biker claims he was doing ‘maybe 22mph maximum’ at which point the officer replies: ‘I ride them, I know what they’re capable of. Don’t give me any of your old flannel, all right? It’s dangerous riding.’

When asked if the officer wants the GoPro turned off, the policeman responds to the bike: ‘No, leave it on, then you can tell all of your friends about the big telling off you got from the policeman on the horse.’

The police officer concludes by saying: ‘Get out of the Square Mile and don’t come back.’