We Ride London protest a success

The campaign group's co-founder said more protests will follow

We Ride London protest a success

YESTERDAY’S We Ride London protest was a huge success, with more than 100 bikers parading between Parliament Square and Lambeth Bridge to show their support for the cause.

Anthony ‘Dutch’ Van Someren, co-founder of We Ride London, and founder of Shoreditch’s The Bike Shed said: “It went very well.

“None of us are normally the kind of riders who want to have to start protesting in London’s streets but after a year of lobbying and talking to key decision makers it’s clear that London’s Mayor and TFL have no interest in London motorcycle and scooter rider’s safety, security or fair road pricing.

“Despite their own studies that show powered two-wheelers are a solution to congestion and pollution, and figures that show rider injuries and deaths are not falling, they seem to have ignored our needs and rights in their new London Transport strategy document.

“Meanwhile deaths continue on dangerous potholed roads narrowed by the cycle super highway, bus lanes are still not all available to bikers, thefts stands at 54 motorcycles and scooters a day in London, costing riders and insurers over £80m a year, there isn’t enough parking for bikes and very little of it allows any security chains, and now they want to charge bikes and scooters over ten years old the same £12.50 a day to ride in London as they are charging four wheeled vehicles.

“This is unacceptable and we won’t stand silently by.

“We encourage everyone to protest, write letters and use their vote to be heard and make a change. More protests will follow.”