WATCH: ZX-10R-powered car takes on a Mercedes AMG E63 S

When can’t a Kawasaki beat a car?

A KAWASAKI ZX-10R versus a Mercedes AMG E63 S, it’s an easy win, right?

What about two of the green machines?

Unfortunately, as Autocar has proven, more doesn’t always mean better.

When they pitted the 600hp, 2 tonne German wagon against a ZX-10R-powered kit car, we all thought the Kawasaki-powered wagon would steam to victory.

Weighing 530kg, the naked car boasts two ZX-10R engines, dating from around 2006 – 2007 and making 180hp each. Both with their own gearbox, the car made a total of 360hp – giving it a power-to-weight ratio of 670+ hp per tonne.

An easy win, right? Wrong. Watch Autocar’s video above…