WATCH: Zero to stolen in 20 seconds

Proof, not that it’s needed, that parking a bike with just a steering lock is no protection from theft

WATCH: Zero to stolen in 20 seconds

IN THIS VIDEO sent to us by Tomas Amaral we see a Honda CBF125 being wheeled away by two alleged thieves in less than 20 seconds.

The alleged theft took place in Liverpool last week and proves that just applying a steering lock to a bike is no deterrent or protection from bike thieves.

The whole clip is 20 seconds long and shows the youths walking past the bike and then doubling back, forcing the steering lock and making their escape. The actual act of forcing the lock and making off with the bike takes no more than ten seconds and is a stark reminder to all motorcyclists that just using a steering lock provides almost no protection.

Even the most basic of disclocks in this instance could have provided enough of a visual deterrent that they might have moved on and looked for another target.

Top tips to prevent a theft:

  • Use a disclock as a minimum-security measure
  • Always but the disclock on the back wheel – prevents them using a skateboard to move the bike
  • If you can, try to chain your bike to a solid object
  • Keep the chain off the ground and as short as possible
  • Try and keep the bike in clear sight of the front window of your house
  • Using multiple locks and chains will greatly reduce the risk of theft
  • Even a cheap home-fitted alarm is better than no alarm