Watch: Suspected bike thief crashes motorcycle into railing

Watch as suspected motorcycle thief crashes a Kawasaki head-on into a railing; miraculously escaping serious injury

Crashed Kawasaki.

A recent West Midlands Police pursuit of a suspected motorcycle thief ends in a rather dramatic fashion, all of which was captured on dashcam video.  

A Kawasaki motorcycle thought to be stolen during a house burglary, smashed full-speed into a crash barrier in Nechells, Birmingham.

The Police vehicle - following at a safe distance - caught the potentially fatal crash on dashcam and witnessed the rider ping from the scene of the accident like a gazelle.


Before the crash, the twitter video released by West-Midlands Police shows a motorcyclist weaving dangerously past traffic, and traveling in excess of the speed limit, before colliding into crash barriers after misjudging a roundabout. 

Somehow, the rider escaped with minor bruising and sprains and managed to get off the twisted wreckage of the bike and run away from the police on foot. Oh, the power of adrenaline...

However, the Police (having not crashed and flipped over a barrier) later caught the rider and took the person to the hospital. They later tweeted:

“It [the motorcycle] had been stolen in a burglary & the rider was arrested moments later only receiving minor injuries from colliding with the crash barrier. Criminals using bikes do not have free reign.”

It was another busy shift last night. One incident of many was the pursuit of this motorbike which had been stolen in a burglary.

The rider crashed in Nechells before being arrested after a foot chase and was then treated in hospital for bruising/sprains sustained when he crashed.”

There's no doubt that this rider caught a very lucky break indeed. Right up until he or she was arrested that is. 

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