WATCH: Motorcycle wedged into car bumper after hit-and-run incident

A hit-and-run driver is arrested after a video emerges of him attempting to escape the scene with the motorcycle wedged in his front bumper

This is the shocking moment a hit-and-run driver was caught on camera not only attempting to escape from the crime scene but do so with the motorcycle still wedged in his front bumper.

The wild aftermath of the incident, which took place in California on the Riverside Freeway, was captured on camera by Natalie Duran and Will Ross, who were alerted to a car approaching from behind with sparks being showered behind it.

The video shows the Honda sportsbike wedged into the front bumper of the car – minus the rider – with the driver of the MPV seemingly in a rush to exit the freeway as sparks fly beneath.

“I saw a van coming up behind us with sparks flying and then we caught this passing us by,” Mr Williams is quoted by “A hit-and-run driver in Corona smashed into a motorcycle, pinning it under his bumper and dragging it off the highway. We doubled back to see if we could find him but he had run his car into a fence and presumably took off running.

Concerned eyewitnesses doubled back to find both the car and the motorcycle abandoned off the highway, with images showing the Honda suffers so much damage, it’s almost been split in two from behind.

While the assailant got away, KCAL 9 is reporting that 25-year old George Valentin has since been arrested and admitted to being the driver at the wheel.

As for the victim, the motorcyclist was later revealed to be Chain Arunritthirot, who says he was travelling at around 65mph when he was struck by the car and was launched around 200ft from impact. Despite this, Arunritthirot says he isn’t seriously injured. 


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I don't know how he thought he could get away with that. Having a motorcycle wedged into your front bumper is a pretty big clue that you did something wrong. Roger from

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Good god, people disappoint me. Mistakes happen... But take responsibility for your actions please!

Oh my..
I cannot watch. What is the ending? what about the rider? is he okay?


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