Watch: KTM bike-boat explodes during Channel crossing

Amphibious KTM 690's first trial goes swimmingly

THE sea trial of an amphibious KTM 690 went swimmingly after it exploded in a ball of flames during its first Channel crossing.

French adventurer Francis Lamotte took an early bath when his bike-boat's fuel-tank leaked, over-heated and caught fire - ironically exploding all of the rescue flares.

Lamotte swims to safety and is recovered by a support boat but the bike and melted rubber dinghy quickly sink without trace beneath the waves.

Lamotte converted his KTM as part of an ambition to one day cross the Bering Strait from Russia to Alaska. He has teamed up for the challenge with Australian biker Patrick Coleman, who presents the video.

The pair have launched an IndieGoGo fund-raising campaign to secure at least £10,000 and get their bold bid back on track. Part of the money will go to hiring a team of divers to try to recover his lost bike... although after watching the ill-fated KTM might be best left as one of Neptune's treasures.

With enough cash, Francis hopes one day to fulfil his ambition to cross the 50 miles of icy Arctic waters. You can donate here but judging from the first attempt it might be kinder to keep your wallet in your pocket.

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