WATCH: Eric ‘Rocketman’ Teboul sets sub-5-sec world record!

Eric ‘Rocketman’ Teboul has smashed a world record with a 4.976 second drag bike run at Santa Pod this month

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ERIC ‘Rocketman’ Teboul has bowed out from the sport he loves in style this month, after smashing the drag bike racing world record on his final ever run in the sport.

We’ve mentioned the Rocketman before on Visordown with him last adorning these pages in 2020, then running a 5.64 second time at the midlands venue. This time though, Eric was not just merely setting a time at the UK’s most famous drag strip. Eric was planning to retire from the sport of drag racing after this run, and he wasn’t going to do that by matching his previous best time.

WATCH: Eric 'Rocketman' Teboul's world record drag bike run

What he did in fact was smash his previous best, and the world record in the process, posting a time over the quarter mile of 4.976 seconds, with a speed of 290.51 miles per hour!

Making the run even more impressive is the amount of work Teboul must do to actually bring his Hydrogen Peroxide filled machine to a stop. You see you can’t just close the throttle on the bike to slow it down, you have to empty the tank by the time you finish the run, otherwise, the bike will simply continue accelerating to god-know-what speeds.

Thankfully for Eric, and the assembled crowds, his team and himself got the levels in the tanks spot on, allowing him to sail into the record books aboard this bonkers machine.

Fair play Eric, you’ve won a handful of new fans in the Visordown office this morning!

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