WATCH: 10 Motorcycles you didn't know can be bought with an A2 licence

An A2 licence may be restricted in terms of power... but that doesn't mean an A2 motorcycle licence should restrict you in terms of quality!

Aprilia RS 660
Aprilia RS 660

For many, getting your motorcycle licence is your passport towards a more freeing transport experience, whether it is nipping around on your urban runaround, putting your feet forward cruising into the sunset or clambering over Mount Adventure.

However, first you must walk before you run, which in motorcycle terms is the equivalent of building your licence from A1 (125cc cap) all the way to the full A licence.

Along the way comes the A2 licence, which is a step up from lower powered runarounds without unleashing you untested onto a super powerful superbike, just yet anyway!

The licence restricts you to buying motorcycles generating no more than 47bhp at peak power, though manufacturers are also permitted to fit more powerful models up to 95bhp with a restrictor that reduces power to 35kW (equivalent 47bhp).

The latter option is particularly popular because if and when you do upgrade your licence to a full A designation, the restrictor can be removed to return the motorcycle as sold - in short, you won’t need to go to the hassle of buying another new motorcycle.

So while you may think a restricted licence equals restricted choices when it comes to purchasing a new motorcycle, you might be surprised to find there are a wealth of acclaimed and varied models available within the parameters of your licence.

From the multi-talented Triumph Tiger 900, to the deliciously sporty Aprilia RS 660, to even - possibly - even big booming Boxer BMW R18 cruiser, here are 10 motorcycles that will get you from A2-B and beyond in style.


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