Was Guy Martin’s van stolen while he was buying a butty?

Police tweet photo of officer with Guy Martin after theft of Ford Transit

A REPORT in the Scunthorpe Telegraph indicates that Guy Martin may have had his van stolen while he was out getting a butty last Friday.

Grimsby police said the owner of a silver Ford Transit had parked and locked the vehicle on Estate Road on the outskirts of Grimsby on January 8, while visiting a mobile sandwich van.

The keys to the van are believed to have dropped on to the floor nearby, where they were picked up by an opportunist thief who made off with the van.

The van was recovered in a residential cul-de-sac and the victim was reported to be ‘euphoric’ with its speedy recovery. At 1pm the same day, Humber road police tweeted a picture of an officer standing with Guy Martin, with the caption ‘One happy customer’.

There has been no direct official confirmation from either Guy or the police that it was Guy Martin's van that got taken.

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