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Arthouse music video by The Legendary Tigerman packed with wild Japanese biker gang scenes

Motorcycle Boy by The Legendary Tigerman

WE GENERALLY steer clear of music and video on here, because, despite what some folk think, simply riding a motorbicycle doesn't mean you like the same stuff as other motorbicyclists. Honestly, it doesn't.

But we're making an exception here, not because we necessarily like this music (or think that you will), but because this video has some cool Japanese biker gang scenes in it. Fit, scary Japanese biker ladies, yakuza-looking big men, daft Bōsōzoku bikes, wheelies, swords, it's like a tiny Kill Bill homage but without any silly Hollywood stuff.

We're unsure about the music, since we believe guitar-based music basically died after 1993-4. But it has some agreeable sing-along potential, we think you'll agree. It takes a wee while to get going, but worth sticking with it we reckon.

Here ye go...

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