Vin Diesel gets all Fast & Furious on... not what you'd think

Vin Diesel plays Vin Diesel in new, 'high-octane' spot for the Yadea G5 electric scooter which is both charming and naff at the same time...


It starts with him crooning and ends with him on an electric scooter, so this new advert starring Vin Diesel doesn’t sound like the standard fare for the Hollywood tough man

Fear not for those worried the Fast and Furious star is mellowing at 53-years old, there is still some (low-key) bone crunching, window smashing and chasing in this spot for the… Yadea G5.

OK, so an electric scooter isn’t exactly the machine du jour to get the job done but that’s obviously the point as Mr Diesel swings his way through a little ditty, makes eyes with charming woman, pinches her companion’s flash drive and makes his exit via the window to find his Yadea G5 waiting as his getaway vehicle.

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It’s not unusual for big stars to take big pay cheques to advertise all manner of items, especially in Asia, but this stretches even further than Jason Mamoa swapping out his Harley-Davidson cruisers for a LiveWire. He looks impressed, but then he is an actor.

Back to Vin Diesel and Chinese-manufactured Yadea G5 which looks quite futuristic and cool in the way a lot machines from start up mobility companies are in that it’s minimalist, shiny and prop from Total Recall way.

We’re not entirely convinced by the chase scene, which looks slow even with the budget trickery and we’re fairly certain if this was rated age-15 or higher he’d have been squashed by one of the Escalades on his tail pretty sharpish. Then again, it’s probably a close-run thing as to which runs out of juice first between them…

Take it for what it is, which is a film star getting the pearly whites out in an anti-role to shift an against-type machine. 

We’re sure it works for some, but if this turns up in Fast & Furious 9 then we’ll be impressed.