Vietnam police using batons to stop riders

Police chief claims the video was fabricated

ALONG with throwing nets at speeding motorcyclists, police in Vietnam have been accused of throwing a baton through the spokes of a bike.

From the footage in the above video, a stricken scooter is seen amongst a crowd of people with a police issue baton sticking out from the wheels. According to the description from the YouTube video the incident took place a month ago, when Thanh Hoa police threw the baton into the front wheel of a bike that was carrying two young men, neither of whom were wearing a helmet and forcing them to the ground.

However, Colonel Le Van Nghiem, police chief for the northern province of Thanh Hoa, claimed that the video footage was fabricated as if the baton was thrown into a moving wheel it would have broken, whereas in the clip it remained intact.

He said: “Someone put the baton into the wheel, took photos and filmed it, and then posted it online. It’s impossible that traffic officers in Thanh Hoa 'put a baton into lawbreaker’s bike wheel’ as accused.”