Video: Triumph’s mixed message on Tiger 800

More able to go off road but still not able to go off road

A BIKE that’s become more able to go off road must therefore be able to go off road, right?  

Wrong, according to Triumph. In a series of promo videos for the new Tiger 800, the firm says it has ‘increased off-road ability’ but then adds in a disclaimer at the end that ‘Triumph motorcycles are not suitable for off-road use.’

More off-road ability but still none? So how much did it have before? Less than none?  

To confuse matters further, the videos feature telly 'adventurer' Bear Grylls riding the Tiger 800 off road. One has a narrator saying: 'You can really make the most of the chassis capability, whether at low speed, off road or cruising on a cross-country tour.'  

But it has the same disclaimer at the end, which also says: ‘Triumph does not endorse or encourage the use of Triumph motorcycles off road.’

Which has led some viewers to query why they’ve just watched Grylls doing exactly that.

One YouTube user has commented: ‘Why do you continue to post vids showing this bike being ridden off road and then put a disclaimer at the end saying that Triumphs are street motorcycles and should not be ridden off road? Totally and absolutely pathetic.’

Another says: ‘I have just saw a rider on his Triumph riding over grass mud etc in your ad but when the disclaimer come up you state Triumph bikes are not suitable for off road riding. Who is right?’

Visordown has just ridden the Tiger 800 XCx off road at Triumph’s press launch, so we’re no less confused.

The disclaimer goes on: ‘Off-road use could expose yourself and others to serious personal injuries or even death.’

Now you tell us.

We’ve asked Triumph for a comment.