VIDEO: Ronnie Renner - King of Air

American ace to attempt world's highest motorcycle jump as part of Red Bull's experiment programme

KING OF air, Ronnie Renner is going to attempt to set a new World Record for the highest air ever set on a motorcycle. The attempt, off a huge quarter-pipe made out of steel, is due to take place at the Santa Monica Pier on Friday, July 11.

Renner will attempt the sky-high jumps onto a massive custom-built galvanised steel quarterpipe measuring 64 feet wide and 25 feet tall.

Part of the Red Bull Experiment series of events, Renner said: "My whole career has been shaping up to do something unique like this. I feel like the sport needs it. I don't want to just be a trick guy. This is where my heart is at."

Renner's jump will be the third part of the ongoing Red Bull Experiment, following the record-shattering performances of fellow motocross sensation Robbie Maddison and BMX star Kevin Robinson. Maddison jumped the length of a football field in front of thousands on New Year's Eve, clearing 322 feet in Las Vegas. Robinson cleared 27 feet off the lip of a huge quarterpipe (54 feet above the ground) in New York's Central Park to set the BMX big air world record.

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