Video: Learn how to build a CBR600-powered Tuk Tuk (with weapons)

Just don't blame us when it all goes wrong

IF ever you’ve wondered how to build a weaponised Tuk Tuk powered by a 600cc bike engine, then you’re in luck.

YouTube inventor and stuntman Colinfurze has released two videos showing how he built such a machine, inspired by the Tuk Tuk found in the video game Far Cry 4.

Part one of the series shows Furze dismantling the Tuk Tuk, bolting in the engine from a Honda CBR600, rewiring the loom and fitting new wheels.

But if 100hp in a Tuk Tuk - or a TUK600 as he calls it - simply isn’t enough, then watch part two where he shows his method of sidemounting a couple of AK-74 BB guns and fixing another two BB Uzis to the front of the machine.

In the demonstration video above, Furze shows off even more weapons including a couple of roof-mounted RPGs and a flamethrower.

He even pops a wheelie.

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