Video: How to roll with it and land on your feet

Rider avoids serious injury thanks to ‘ninja skills’

A HELMET camera captured the moment a motorcyclist managed to roll over the bonnet of a car and land on his feet after the driver jumped a red light.

The rider says he walked away with bruises after deliberately rolling ‘kind of like when you do a flip off a diving board’. His Triumph Daytona 675 was destroyed in the crash, which happened on Wednesday.

The rider posted the footage on YouTube with the headline: ‘The death of my D675 and birth of my Ninja skills: Idiot cager blows red light.’

He says: ‘It was almost like fast forward, dude cleared the distance in a blink of an eye, I just leaned into the roll and focused on pulling my lower body up and around with me on top of the hood/windscreen area, kind of like when you do a flip off of a diving board.

‘I didn't want my legs to get broadsided by the front of the car. It was over in an instant, I didn't even realise I had stuck the landing until I found myself yelling at the driver.’

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