Video: Briton to be deported from Cambodia for riding motorcycle naked

Student filmed riding naked with Finnish woman and Italian man

A BRITISH man is to be deported from Cambodia after he was caught riding a motorcycle naked with two other backpackers.

Crawford Brown, 24, a student from the University of the West of Scotland, is due to be booted out today for 'violating the beautiful customs and culture' of the country.

He spent the weekend in jail after being caught with two other nude riders, a 22-year-old Finnish woman and a 30-year-old Italian man. 

Video posted on YouTube shows Brown riding naked along with Finnish Catarina Aarnio and Italian Giancarlo Allocca, before they were stopped by police. 

The three are understood to have shed their clothes in the Leuk Daek district, 50 miles south east of Phnom Penh.

It’s been reported they are to be permanently barred from Cambodia for indecent exposure.

Officer Chuon Chomkol told the Cambodia Daily: 'We saw them drive in front of our commune police station and I then ordered my officials to follow them and stop them.

'They drove when they had no clothes on. It looked so indecent in public and in our country, so we needed to arrest them.

'I can't let foreigners act like this, even if they didn't know the traditions of our country.'

Kandal police chief Eav Chamroeun told the Phnom Penh Post: 'I think that this was the first time there have been foreign people driving motorcycles naked in Cambodia.

'Their actions have seriously violated Cambodia's integrity, the beautiful customs and culture of Cambodia, and Cambodian law. We cannot allow them to commit pornography like this in our country.'

Sok Phal, head of the Ministry of Interior's immigration department, said: 'The General Department of Immigration has asked the leadership of the Ministry of Interior to expel them from the country as punishment.'

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