Video: Audi R8's 170mph motorway race with ZX-10R

Audi chases bike through traffic at an indicated 173mph

VIDEO has been posted online of an Audi R8 and Kawasaki ZX-10R racing at speeds in excess of 170mph on a motorway.

The footage, shot in Brazil from inside the Audi, shows the car tailgating the Kawasaki at indicated speeds of up to 270kmh as the pair weave through traffic.   

The four-minute video begins with the car overtaking two sports bikes and leaving them behind as it reaches 280kmh. It then slows and allows them catch up, before pursuing them again.

One rider, on what looks like a Suzuki GSX-R1000, lets the car pass but the other, on the Kawasaki, tries to accelerate away from it.

The car closely pursues the bike for several minutes, only slowing as the pair approach a toll.

At one point the driver has to brake hard to avoid a collision with another car and the passenger says: "F**k!. You're mad, man, really."