Verge Starmatter uses AI, radar and many cameras

The Verge TS Ultra was already one of the most well-equipped electric bikes around, but a new update adds AI and six cameras

Verge TS ridden on country roads. - Rod Kirkpatrick/F Stop Press

The Verge TS Ultra will benefit from the manufacturer’s new Starmatter software, which incorporates AI and features six cameras around the bike. 

With Starmatter, Verge is trying to advance what it calls the “Human-Machine Interface”, or “HMI”. The idea is that reducing the barrier between the person and the motorcycle will lead to a more integrated experience, where the rider will be more in tune with what the bike is doing.

“At the core of every Verge motorcycle lies our Human-Machine Interface, or HMI,” Verge says. “The Verge HMI system offers precise control over your electric motorcycle’s behaviour, featuring advanced customizable ride modes and effortless communication with various aspects of your bike – managing charging settings, core controls, and diagnostics.”

Another part of Starmatter is Starmatter Vision, which is comprised of six cameras and two radars which “functions as an additional set of eyes to help you notice what you may otherwise miss.” All of the information from the cameras will be displayed on the dashboard, notifying the rider with blind spot and hazard warnings, as well as giving a view through the rear camera.

The system is powered by Unreal Engine, which will be familiar to videogame fans, as the fourth generation of the engine - Unreal Engine 4 - is among the most-used by contemporary game developers, including Milestone which uses UE4 for the MotoGP and Ride series’ and has done since 2018.

One of the benefits of Starmatter is its over-the-air (OTA) updates, meaning the software can be upgraded over Wi-Fi, and not need a trip to a dealer. Being an electric bike, there are benefits for the way the bike rides and performs, as well as how the rider interacts with it.

Prices for the Verge TS Ultra - the only model in the TS range in which the new Starmatter software will be available - begin at €44,900, which equates to around £39,000.

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Lead image credit: Rod Kirkpatrick/F Stop Press.