Valentino Rossi fifth highest earning sportsman

Motorcycling's greatest ranks high up the list of world's top earning sports stars

10 Top Earning Non-US Sportsmen 2009
David BeckhamFootball£28,000,000
Kimi RäikkönenCar Racing£25,000,000
Manny PacquiaoBoxing£24,750,000
Lionel MessiFootball£24,700,000
Fernando AlonsoCar Racing£22,000,000
Valentino RossiMotorcycle Racing£22,000,000
Yao MingBasketball£20,500,000
Lewis HamiltonCar Racing£20,300,000
Roger FedererTennis£18,250,000
Vijay SinghGolf£17,800,000

VALENTINO Rossi clearly doesn't worry about the credit crunch.

Motorcycling's all-time greatest ranks joint fifth with Fernando Alonso in the non-US top earning sportsmen list, but is also tied in fifth place with Shaquille O'Neal in the combined world's top earning sports stars list.

David Beckham tops the non-US high-rollers list, but Tiger Woods dwarf's even Beckham's earnings; taking home £61,000,000 - over double what Beckham earns.

Still, Valentino earns around £60,000 a day. We'd be happy with that..