VIDEO: 1966 Batcycle sells for £18,200

Caped Crusaders' famous motorcycle combination sells on eBay to mystery buyer

THE MOTORCYCLE and sidecar outfit used in the original 1960s television series 'Batman' has sold on eBay for USD 29,500 (£18,200).

The Batcycle, as it's known, has covered just over 7,000 miles in its 33-year life. It's powered by a 250cc Yamaha engine and the removable sidecar has its own 50cc motor, for when the Caped Crusaders have had a tiff and Robin wants to clear off on his own.

Check out the accompanying footage of the Batcycle in action and hear Adam West's (the original Batman) account of the famous outfit.

We're sure the new owner could get plenty of promotional work with the unique outfit.

We love it!