Valentino Rossi buys new £1.4million yacht

MotoGP legend splashes out on new toy - just don't moor it next to Roman Abramovich's latest purchase

Don't come knockin' when Rossi's boat's a-rockin'

Abramovich's new boat, the Eclipse just 557ft long

YOU'RE LOOKING at Valentino Rossi's latest purchase: a £1.4million Pershing 56 luxury yacht.

The MotoGP superstar traded in his Pershing 50 foot yacht called Titilla to buy a new Pershing 56. Rossi's new toy boasts two engines that produce around 1300hp.

Titilla II is 18 metres long, 6 berth and is anchored at Vallugola Bay. If you wanted to rent one similar, you'd be looking at around £20,000 a week just for the boat, let alone fuel. It would cost around £3000 to fill up.

Impressive stuff, but mere chicken feed compared to Roman Abramovich's latest toy. The Russian oil tycoon's new boat, Eclipse, is a 557-footer reported to have cost a staggering £300million.