US Supreme Court declares biker outfits obscene

"If I want to see the size, shape and dimensions of body parts, I'll spend more time over at the Surgeon General's office" says Judge

It's all that YMCA bloke's fault...

THE UNITED States Supreme Court has declared that the tight shorts and shirts worn by biking enthusiasts are "obscene, inappropriate, and frankly way too much information."

It seems US bikers are regularly offending local citizens by their ever-daring attire, some of which is bordering on the obscene.

Justice Anthony Kennedy agreed with the majority opinion. "These bikers need a wardrobe makeover. And don't give me the aerodynamic argument. How aerodynamic do you have to be when you're cruising down the block to Starbucks?"

Justice Antonin Scalia concluded, "If I want to see the size, shape, and dimensions of the body parts in question, I'll spend more time viewing the anatomy books over at the Surgeon General's office."