US bikers taunt pursuit cop following crash

Speeding motorcyclists rub salt in the wounds of Washington Police Officer

A POLICE OFFICER in Washington, America, who flipped his pursuit car while chasing two speeding motorcyclists suffered more embarrassment after one of the bikers returned to taunt him while he was trapped in his wrecked vehicle.

Police reports say the Officer was chasing the speeding duo when he lost control of his car. The vehicle rolled several times, finally landing in a ditch alongside the road. As the trapped officer waited for help to arrive, one of the motorcyclists returned to the scene, then laughed and clapped at the officer before speeding off.

"It's infuriating when all we're trying to do is enforce the laws in the state of Washington and protect the public," said Cliff Pratt, a spokesman for the force. "Obviously these motorcycles traveling at 100 miles per hour with no regard for the safety of anybody else is a huge problem for us in this area."

Pratt continues:

"Now you're talking about a state trooper who rolled his car several times. He's obviously injured, pinned inside his vehicle and you've got a couple of motorcyclists who really don't care whether this trooper lives or dies at this point, to the point where they think it's funny."

The 46-year-old Officer was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Police are still searching for the two bikers.