Unmarked bikes to target speeding motorcyclists

Sussex Police implement covert tactics to curb biker deaths

SUSSEX POLICE are using unmarked motorbikes on the county's primary routes in a bid to cut the number biker fatalities.

Bikers are being warned about the patrols via roadside signs, as Police to try to discourage speeding and anti-social riding.

According to Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, 2,167 motorcyclists have been involved in crashes over the last three years, with 64 deaths and 733 riders seriously injured, claims a report in The Argus Newspaper.

Inspector Marc Clothier of Sussex Police’s road policing unit said: “These signs will be a continual reminder to all road users of our continued targeted enforcement action, in a significant effort to try reduce the motorcyclist casualties across Sussex.

“We would also encourage members of the public to report any road user who rides or drives inappropriately so we can target those individuals who present the greatest risk.

“We have got the resources to target those who go out to intentionally break the law, to get a cheap thrill and we will deal with those who commit this serious crime in the robust manner that it deserves."