The ultimate petrolheads holiday? Yamaha Island announced

Yamaha Italia might just have launched the ultimate petrolhead holiday destination, as the Island of Culuccia is set to host guests this year      

The ultimate petrolheads holiday? Yamaha Island announced

YAMAHA Italia has just announced what might just be the ultimate petrolhead holiday destination as the Ténéré Spirit is launched on the 'island' of Culuccia.

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Culuccia is not technically an island, seeing as it is still physically joined to the mainland above sea level, although it is a remote peninsula located on the northern tip of the island of Sardinia. The area is apparently an untouched and unspoiled oasis, with rugged off-road tracks for testing out Yamaha’s Ténéré 700, and more inhospitable regions, only accessible by ATV. Once the guests have had their fill of the on-land escapades, Yamaha will have a fleet of watercraft in hand for people to cool off in.

There are two trips available, Incantos, and On Entu. The first is a less stressful journey, from Friday till Sunday and only taking in the northern part of Sardinia. The second is a more serious adventure, with riders travelling the length of the island and riding from Wednesday till Sunday.

Coordinating the project will be Simone Zignoli, the official ambassador of the Adventure segment in Italy. Alongside him, we will have former Dakar racer Maurizio Sann, who will take care of all the organizational and on-road part of this epic looking Sardinian adventure.

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Ténéré Spirit dates:




26-30 MAY


3-6 JUNE




28-31 OCTOBE