UK daredevil claims new world stunt record

Ryan Griffiths, 37, lays claim to pulling off the longest flat-landing jump in history

FLYIN' RYAN Griffiths is claiming to have set a new world record last weekend, after the Northampton-based daredevil cleared 142ft in a long-jump spectacular at Northamptonshire Beer Festival.

Veteran stuntman Eddie Kidd is believed to have jumped 160ft in the mid-1980s, but as the jump was never officially verified Griffiths is laying claims to the the longest flat-landing jump (without a landing ramp) ever recorded.

Mr Griffiths told the Northamptonshire Chronicle: "You could say that we might even have set a record because the only 100 per cent recorded flat landing jump was 134ft by Matt Coulter on a quad bike. I really would love to hit the 150ft mark.

"Last time I attempted the jump, at Peterborough, I broke both ankles and busted my jaw, so that is always in the back of my head when I approach the ramp. I do not want people to see me smash myself up, so I have to bear safety in mind."