Triumph to play host to largest women's biker meet with Moto Advisor

Triumph's HQ in Hinckley is set to be the location for a world record attempt for the most women bikers to attend a single bike meet this weekend.

World's Largest Female Biker Meet poster. - Triumph

An online motorcycle group is planning to attempt to break the record for the largest gathering of women bikers. 

The record attempt is being prepared and organised by Moto Advisor, a Facebook group for UK-based motorcyclists, and is set to take place at the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience in Hinckley.

As such, this biker meet, which will take place this weekend on Sunday 24 July, will be featured as one of Triumph’s 120th anniversary ride-outs. It's open to anyone, male or female, although only the number of women there will be counted towards the record attempt.

The previous record for the most women at a single bike meet was set in 2017, when 1,132 women riders met in Shropshire. 

Previous to that, in 2015 a record was set with 618 bikers at Ace Cafe London. Involved in that record attempt were Nimi Patel and Sherrie Woolfe, who are a part of Moto Advisor and are involved in the preparation and organisation of this new record attempt. 

The weather in Britain at the moment has got everyone on a state of alarm to some extent, but temperatures should have cooled down by the weekend. In fact, you might need to take your waterproofs along, as rain is forecast in Hinckley for Sunday.

If you are thinking of attending but feel like a trip to Triumph to be counted for a record attempt would be a wasted journey, Moto Advisor has an array of additional attractions scheduled for the day. 

These attractions include live music, clothing and apparel stands, refreshments and a raffle, from which the proceeds will go to the local Air Ambulance Service and Blood Bikers.

If you are interested in attending the attempt yourself, you can sign up here.

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