Traffistar SR590: super intelligent speed camera

Move over GATSO, Truvelo and SPECS. This new speed camera will become our worst enemy

A SWISS company has produced a speed camera that can monitor over 20 vehicle's individual speeds in live time and record their photos with a state-of-the-art camera.

The TraffiStar SR590 features innovative Robot 3D Tracking technology which can monitor multiple vehicles over multiple lanes; tracking their speed, distance from other vehicles and it can also be programmed to monitor turning restrictions, pedestrian priority, red light running and even overtaking.

What's more, the camera uses virtual trigger lines, so no markings need to be painted on the road.

The Traffistar SR590 super speed camera is being tested in various locations across Geneva in Switzerland. Even though a forward facing camera doesn't affect motorcycles, the Traffistar SR590 can be programmed to work with traffic flowing in both directions.

It's certain to become the most hated thing on our roads if it's introduced in the UK.