Off road menaces targeted by Cornish Police

Motorcyclists "displaying total disregard for other people" says Reserve Manager

OFF-ROADERS who illegally ride in Cornish trails are to be targetted in a combined anti-bike menace effort by Corwall Council, Natural England and Devon and Cornwall Police.

Authorities are keen to stamp out illegal motorcycling activity on Goss Moor Trails; law breakers face a fixed penalty fine and may have their machines seized under the new initiative.

Cornwall Council cabinet member for the environment Julian German said: “The Goss Moor Trails are set into a wonderful backdrop of mining and land management history and has been awarded Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) status. Unfortunately, a by product of creating these Trails has been the illegal use of motorbikes which have become dangerous and unpleasant for legitimate users. I welcome this partnership approach to dealing with the problem.”

Martin Davey, Natural England’s Senior Reserve Manager for Goss Moor National Nature Reserve, added: “Since opening in May 2008, the trail through Goss Moor has become a very popular community resource for local people. There have been a few incidents when motorcyclists, displaying total disregard for other people, have forced family groups of cyclists off the trail and frightened horses and their riders.”

Police are to step up patrols in the area to stamp out illegal riding.