Tesla Cyberquad bikes scrapped over safety concerns!

In a move that might be giving Elon Musk a red face, Tesla has recalled all 5,000 Cyberquad bikes after they fail to meet US regulations


THE world’s richest man, and new owner of the Twitter platform, Elon Musk has had to pull the plug on his Tesla Cyberquad bike after concerns were raised over safety.

CNN reports that the $1,900 bikes were made by Radio Flyer, although specific concerns were raised after they failed to meet US safety regulations. Each of the 5,000 units sold is being recalled by the manufacturer, as it reportedly failed to meet federal safety standards.

The problem relates to the chassis and tyres of the machine, with its status as a ‘youth ATV’ requiring it to have functioning suspension and maximum tyre pressures. Companies selling this type of vehicle are also required to provide safety training and information to the consumer, presumably, this wasn’t done. While the ride-on quad was manufactured by Radio Flyer, which had exclusive rights to build the machine, it was sold on the official Tesla website in the USA.

Owners of the machine are being asked to remove the bike's electronic control unit, rendering the machine un-rideable. They are then asked to return the unit to Radio Flyer which will then issue a full refund. Not only does that mean 5,000 youngsters will be left without any wheels to play on, but Radio Flyer will also be without the physical machine, pointing to a significant financial loss to the company.

A statement on the Radio Flyer website reads:

“We take the safety of children very seriously, Radio Flyer has worked closely with the CPSC to issue the voluntary recall of the Cyberquad for Kids,”

Original article:

THE Tesla Cyberquad is here, although Elon Musk and his team have delivered a very different product from the one predicted. Sadly!

In November we reported on an image of a Tesla Cybertruck with a full-sized quad bike resting in the pick-up bed. Our minds immediately jumped to the ‘well if he’s making one of them, he may as well do a bike!’ argument.

Sadly for the world of two-wheels, the uber-eccentric Mr Elon Musk has swung for the stars, and missed by a mile. Instead of launching a full-sized, off-road-ready quad to go tearing up the trails Mr Musk has delivered a kid's ride-on toy in a Cyberquad style.

Oh, and it’s $1,900.

It’s a real shame on a couple of fronts, the first one being that a full-sized Cyberquad has already been made. It’s a trick thing, that can charge off a Tesla car, and features a super-low centre of gravity. It also looked cool, but then again, most things that Tesla do look cool!

The second, and most frustrating thing is that Mr Musk doesn’t want to build a motorcycle because they are ‘dangerous’. Hello? Have you ever ridden a quad bike Elon? The things will literally snap bones for fun and fling you off into the scenery when they get bored of you!

There is a hint that a two-wheeler from Tesla could be in the works though. At a recent shareholder meeting, Musk confirmed that an ATV was interesting, because “ATVs are pretty dangerous”, going on to say that he wanted to make “an ATV that is the least dangerous”.

That does that at least mean that Musk is open to taking on some more difficult and dangerous challenges. Not fully closing the door on the idea of a Tesla motorcycle then.

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