Ten worst speed humps in Britain named

Is there one near you?

A SPEED hump in Staffordshire has been named the worst in Britain in a survey by Continental Tyres. The offending hump, on Tower View Road, Great Wyrley lies in the path of a notorious flood spot and is often submerged in water and hidden from view. It is covered in deep scores and scratches from being hit by unsuspecting motorists and an action group - Wyrley Residents Against the Hump - has been set up to campaign for its removal.

The hump is one of 10 'sleeping policemen' highlighted as the worst in the UK in the Continental Tyres poll. Others to make the list include the first hump in Hurdis Road, Solihull, where the road on one side of it is lower than the other, causing vehicles to hit the ground hard; one extra high hump on Mere Street, Leicester which is sparking road rage among drivers and one on Victoria Road, Cirencester that causes more discomfort when driven over at less than 20 mph, when it violently rocks the car and causes drivers to hit their heads.

The top ten in full includes:

Tower View Road, Great Wyrely Hurdis Road, Solihull Victoria Road, Cirencester East Churchfield Avenue, Acton Waggon Road, Breightmet, Bolton Mere Road, Highfields, Leicester Manstone Lane, Sidmouth, Devon Castle Street, Loughor, Swansea Old Hill, Chislehurst Downton Road, Knowle West, Bristol