Teens who crashed a stolen motorcycle will not face theft charges

Three teenagers who crashed a stolen Honda CBR 125 motorcycle on Little Coates Road in July won’t face theft charges

Police bike

According to The Grimsby Telegraph, a motorcyclist has expressed his anger after being told that Humberside Police have no current plans to prosecute the three teenagers who allegedly stole and crashed his motorcycle two months ago. 

Ryan's Honda CBR 125 was stolen from his home and was subsequently crashed on Little Coates Road, by three teenagers none of whom were wearing crash helmets - a tactic commonly employed by motorcycle thieves to avoid capture.

The trio (sat three abreast) suffered serious injuries following the smash, with one still believed to remain in hospital. While charges may be brought forward in relation to the crash, Ryan has been told that the teens won't be prosecuted for the motorcycle theft - because there isn't enough evidence that they committed the theft. 

Ryan, who’s been left out of pocket after missing shifts at work, is having to rely on others to get to his place of work in Immingham, Lincolnshire.

He told the Grimby Telegraph that his motorcycle was stolen from the garage of his home, where it had been locked up with a security chain, of which the thieves stole - something which is common for chains of a certain value. Because of this, Ryan has been unable to get a payout from his insurance company, because they "cannot prove that it [his motorcycle] was stolen"...

He says that he had been waiting on news of the police prosecuting the teens, but has been informed they won't be in relation to the theft of the bike itself.

Ryan said: "My father-in-law, who has been dealing with the police on my behalf, received a phone call this week from the sergeant who was leading the case, who told him that they are not going to be prosecuting the three teenagers who crashed my bike.

"I really didn't expect to hear something like that and it is very disappointing because they were clearly riding around the town dangerously on my motorcycle which did not belong to them.

"Why is it that I have to pay for people breaking into my house and stealing my motorcycle?"

Sergeant Terry Mellors, of Humberside Police, later responded: "I fully appreciate how frustrating it is when your property is stolen and the impact this can have on victims.

"For many this is a means of getting to work, earning a living and having this stolen can have a huge impact on their day to day lives. We understand this and we will follow up all viable lines of enquiry to find those responsible.

"In this instance, we have carried out a full and thorough investigation into the burglary but there was insufficient evidence to link the three youths who were riding the bike to the scene of the break in"

For now then, no theft/burglary charges will be brought forward by Humberside Police, although the investigation into the collision on Little Coats Road still remains active.

With at least one teen facing life-changing injuries from the accident, does this decision by Humberside police not to pursue theft charges seem fair and just? 

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