Teen brags about stolen bikes on social media… quickly loses smugness

SOME people just can’t help themselves, can they?

If you are going to commit a crime, it’s surely ‘Rule 1’ not to brag about it in a public domain, but now we live in a society where it seems showing off on social media is just too much of a temptation even if it probably means you’ll go to jail.

This what a teenage member of the self-styled Farranree Joyriders gang in Cork, Ireland found to his cost when – after pinching a Yamaha and BMW motorbike – he proudly displayed his smug mug on social media with his newly stolen assets, seemingly forgetting police officers are as adept at using Facebook et al. as everyone else. 

Seemingly using the ‘if you don’t post it all over Instagram, has it really happened’ mentality, ironically – and pointlessly - the 16-year-old wouldn’t confirm his identity in the photos and, according to the Irish Examiner publication, refused to co-operate with police in any way.  

Judge O’Brien said the accused was “dangerously close to jail” and that the accused was not listening to what the judge was saying. Now 17, he faces sentencing at Cork Circuit Criminal Court. 

We assume his Facebook profile picture is his newly-acquired criminal mug shot.

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