Swedish bikers exempt from emission zone charges

Hopefully it will prove a precedent for similar measure in the UK

Motorcycle filtering

TWO WHEELERS will be allowed unrestricted access to all of Sweden’s new low emission zones, which are due to be introduced in from January 2020.

The country's government made the decision in March this year to allow municipalities to introduce three emission zones, with high-emission vehicles paying higher congestion charges for entering busier areas. Zone 3 will be the most stringent, allowing only fuel cell, electric and Euro 6-compliant vehicles.

Following consultation with the Swedish Motorcyclist Association (SMC), the Swedish Transport Agency agreed that motorcycles and mopeds will be able to travel without restriction in all emission zones, due to their low emissions.

Maria Nordqvist, of the SMC, told the British Motorcyclists Federation: “For the SMC, the decision is welcome. It shows that the government does not see motorcycles and mopeds as an environmental problem in Stockholm and other Swedish municipalities. This shows that the government sees motorcycles and mopeds as vehicles that contribute to reduced congestion, increased accessibility, and contribute to sustainable cities.”

Hopefully, Sweden's smart decision will prove a precedent for similar measure in the UK.