Suzukis on the cheap

0% finance on GSX-Rs means they’re yours for peanuts

WE’VE commented before on the fact that Suzuki’s long-in-the-tooth GSX-R1000 is starting to look like a bargain thanks to a price tag that’s as old fashioned as the rest of the bike and now Suzuki is hammering that fact home with a 0% finance option that lets you ride one away with a £1 deposit.

Using Suzuki’s own finance calculator, with a minimum £1 deposit, a non-ABS GSX-R1000 (£10,735 on the road) will set you back £223.63 per month over 48 months, with no interest whatsoever being applied to the loan.

And that’s not a PCP deal with a whopping final payment to make and limits on the mileage – it’s straightforward HP, so the bike is all yours once the last payment’s made. It really doesn’t seem that much to pay for a brand new bike that will still destroy most things on the road (and the track, for that matter.)

In fact, the £1 deposit, 0% finance deal is available over up to 48 months on all the GSX-R models. Use it on a cheaper GSX-R600, and chuck in a realistic trade-in worth £4000, and the payments spread over four years can drop below the £100-per-month mark.

The V-Strom 1000, V-Strom 650, Hayabusa, SFV650, GSR750, C800, M800 and Burgman 400 are also all available under the 0% finance offer.

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