Suzuki RGV500 Race Replica

Long live two-stroke 500cc motorbikes!

Suzuki RGV500 Replica

The Suzuki RGV-500 was an absolute weapon of a race bike manufactured from 1986 to 2001 for Grand Prix racing. The RGV was powered by a 499.3 cc two-stroke engine, with 36mm Keihin flat-slide carburettors and reedvalve induction (restricting fuel flow in one direction for higher performance). 

Suzuki factory racing team rider Kevin Schwantz took the RGV500 to its first Grand Prix victory at the 1988 Japanese Grand Prix. And in 1993 Schwantz won the 500 cc world championship as he outscored Wayne Rainey and Mick Doohan. Although the Suzuki was considerably slower on the straights then the Yamaha and Honda Grand Prix bikes, It was on the brakes and in the corners that the mental RGV-500 made up for the lost time. 

Check out this awesome road legal replica below:


Modern Two-strokes 500cc Motorcycles

Nowadays the old two smokers are a thing of the past in Grand-Prix racing, as inline four engines were more powerful, predictable and reliable. But the two-stroke is not dead… as the Suter MMX500 is still keeping the beautiful smell of Castrol oil in the air at circuits and road races around the globe, including the (in)famous Isle of Mann TT. 

The Suter is rocking a 2 Stroke 576cc V4 Mectronic electronic port fuel-injection engine, with 195+ hp! And yes, if you're brave enough it’s available to the general public in limited numbers.