Suzuki new model launch - Hayabusa unveiled

Rumoured 200bhp for Suzuki's new top gun
Subtle but significant changes, say Suzuki

Suzuki's new Hayabusa was unveiled to the UK press in Rome, yesterday.

The Busa, which has been a strong seller over the last nine years, has undergone a number of revisions, with a new 1340cc engine, radial brakes and better aerodynamics. The bike also benefits from Suzuki's switchable power mode, which was first seen on this year's GSX-R1000K7.

Choose from A, B or C - fast, bloody fast or f***ing ridiculously fast

Suzuki have managed to trim some weight of the bike too - it's now 3kg lighter than the last model.

The machine, which is rumoured to top the 200bhp barrier, will potentially be available in the UK this coming October