Suzuki launches 'click-to-buy' feature for 125cc scooters

A new 'click-to-buy' feature has been launched by Suzuki for its 125cc scooters, the Address 125, Avenis 125, and Burgman Street 125 EX.

Suzuki Bugman Street 125 EX

Suzuki has announced a new ‘click-to-buy’ scheme on its 125cc scooter range, including the Address, Avenis, and Burgman 125s.

The scheme means that the Suzuki Address 125, Suzuki Avenis 125, and Suzuki Burgman Street 125 EX are available now to be ordered online via the Suzuki website, with orders being fulfilled by the buyer’s nearest dealer.

Selecting the ‘click-to-buy’ option on the product page of each of the respective bikes will prompt customers to enter their postcode, choose their preferred colour option, and then select the nearest dealer to their location which has their selected colour in stock. Once the details are entered, a £99 deposit must be paid, after which the order will be fulfilled as normal by the selected dealer.

All three scooters - the Address 125, Avenis 125, and Burgman Street 125 EX - are powered by Suzuki’s 125cc air-cooled SEP (Suzuki Eco Performance) engine. The single-cylinder unit offers fuel consumption of as little as 148.67mpg according to its official WMTC figure, meaning it produces only 44g of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometre, or 71g of CO2 per mile.

The Burgman Street 125 EX is the only model of the three, though, to utilise the latest version of the SEP motor, the ‘Alpha’ variant. This means 0.1bhp less than the other two, but it incorporates additional technologies, such as Engine Auto Stop-Start (EASS), and a ‘Silent Start System’.

Head to the Suzuki website to check out all three scooters, to find your nearest dealer, and to place your order.

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