Survey says 31% of motorcyclists would stop riding if electric replaces petrol

Almost a third of motorcyclists questioned in an MAG survey say they would give up riding rather than switch to an electric-powered motorcycle

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A new survey from the Motorcycle Action Group has shown opposition to plans to electrify transport in the United Kingdom and phase out petrol-powered vehicles remains strong in the motorcycle market, in what will make sobering reading for the industry.

The government is currently working towards an ambitious plan to end the sale of petrol and diesel powered four-wheel vehicles in 2030, Though the current plans don’t include lower carbon dioxide emitting motorcycles, it is presumed the ban will eventually cover all modes of transport.

Regular visitors to Visordown won’t need to be told there are more against the prospect of future motorcycles being charged rather than filled, but this latest MAG survey looks into whether there has been a notable shift towards people being more open to new tech.

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Of the 4,805 responses, 1,575 were from MAG members, but the other 3,230 were presumed to be motorcycle enthusiasts.

The participants were asked whether they would be prepared to accept a full ban on petrol-powered motorcycles in future. Just 8% said they would, with 36% preferring to see a decision delayed. 

However, 55% were ‘completely opposed’ to the idea of a future without petrol-powered motorcycles, while a huge 83% wanted to see groups come together to oppose a ban on petrol and dies.

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Almost one-third of motorcyclists would give up riding than buy electric

Arguably the most interesting take away from the survey was the 31% of motorcyclists that would be prepared to hang up their helmet if their choices were limited to electric models, Just 13% would make the switch before it was necessary, while 56% would look to keep their petrol-powered machine on the road for as long as they could.

Though it is presumed these statistics will flex as time continues and key areas of concern - price of models and patchy infrastructure - improves in line with ambitions for a car industry much better prepared for the switch than the motorcycle industry.

For now,motorcycles have been a little forgotten in the government’s crusade to get petrol banned but it won’t stay that way forever. 

And motorcycle firms have made the most of it, with most refusing to divulge their plans, which translated means they are seeing who blinks first because it will take a big shift in market perception to justify the expense of developing a new model to unleash on an unwilling audience.

Though these figures will change, the industry will no doubt be rather alarmed at the prospect of a third of the market prepared to quit two wheels altogether rather than convert,

“I was delighted by the level of response to the survey and I would like to thank all those that took the time to let us know their opinions,” said MAG Chair Selina Lavender. “MAG always represents the views of all riders, regardless of their choice of motorcycle.  We have worked hard to develop the channels that get riders opinions heard by Government. We will not misrepresent those opinions.