Supercharged 90bhp 100kg Cagiva Mito

One-off special looks amazing but costs more than a Ducati Desmosedici

200cc, supercharged ... respect

CAGIVA'S MITO was hardly a dull motorcycle. The rev-happy Mito was the holy-grail of motorcycles for teenagers the world over. But it wasn't special enough for Simone Barbagallo.

The Italian has spent over £40,000 building this bike. We can see it's finished off well but we're struggling to see how you can sink that much cash.

Barbagallo initially started with a stock Mito. The engine produces 15bhp in restricted form, 30bhp de-restricted. The capacity was then increased to 200cc and a supercharger was bolted on for good measure. It also has NOS, for those moments where things get a little dull. All this in a 100kg package.

The Mito, dubbed 'The Scorpion' also features a myriad of trick parts from a lightweight single-sided swingarm and 17" Marchesini magnesium wheels to 50mm USD Marzocchi forks and carbonfibre bodywork.

So howcome Barbagallo spent so much on this bike? "An ant can sometimes defeat an elephant" says Barbagallo who reckons his bike take take on all-comers and is perfect for road-riding.

Good work fella!