Super-Rare Métisse Steve McQueen Desert Racer up For Sale

The bike is a faithful replica of the one used by McQueen in the 60s and 70s, and just 300 were ever built

Super-Rare Métisse Steve McQueen Desert Racer up For Sale

A very rare, and frankly stunning, Métisse Steve McQueen Desert Racer is going up for auction, and at the time of writing it looks to be extremely good value!

The bike is a faithful recreation of the machine raced by McQueen when competed in events like the Baja Rally in his native USA. The bike is part of a very limited production run of just 300 McQueen replicas, and each bike bears the manufacturing year of 1967 to match that of the Hollywood star’s own Métisse racing machine.

Power comes from a recommissioned Triumph 750cc engine

A 1967 bike this is not, though, and was constructed by Métisse in the late 2010s, with a DVLA registration date of October 2017. Since then the bike has only been very lightly used and shows a recorded 550 miles on its odometer - not even enough to be considered full run-in.

Each of the McQueen replicas is officially licenced and endorsed by the McQueen estate and features a nickel-plated chromoly frame, stainless-steel rims and spokes, along with Ceriani and Girling replica suspension. Just like the King of Cool’s own bike, they are all finished in Battleship Grey gel-coated GRP panels, with McQueen’s signature adorning the fuel tank and a certificate of authenticity should further proof of provenance be required.

While the machine is not a bike previously owned by the man himself, Métisse McQueen replicas don’t come around often, and are highly sought after by McQueen fans and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. With that in mind, the sub-£10,000 winning bid at the time of writing looks like good value for money, although these machines usually change hands for anything from £12,000 to £21,000.

Check out the auction listing on the official website.