Super-Exclusive Aston Martin Brough Superior Motorcycle to Fetch up to £200k

One of the 88 Aston Martin Brough Superior motorcycles is being auctioned, and comes with an astounding guide price

Aston Martin Brough Superior AMB 001 Pro

An Aston Martin Brough Superior AMB 001 is being auctioned at the upcoming Shuttleworth Spring Motorcycle Show, and it’s going to be hugely expensive. 

The Aston Martin Brough Superior AMB 001 marked the first time the British luxury car brand had stuck its name on a motorcycle. The bike itself was developed in-tandem by Brough and Aston, and features a 997cc V-twin engine whose performance is boosted by a whacking great turbo.

The ‘standard’ AMB 001 produces just south of 200bhp, while the Pro version - which is what is being auctioned by Iconic Auctioneers in Shuttleworth next month - pumps 225bhp to the rear wheel.

Around the engine is placed a CNC aluminium frame and carbon bodywork. It’s also painted in the green-and-slightly-brighter-green that Aston sticks on its Mercedes-powered F1 cars, and all of this is somewhat similar to the recent Ducati Diavel for Bentley, although that was merely an exclusive re-skin of an established production model rather than something new built from the ground-up.

The Diavel for Bentley was one of the most expensive bikes of 2023, but its £68,000 tag pales in comparison to the AMB 001 Pro, which came in at just under £130,000 when new.

That means that the £150,000 lower end of the guide price given by Iconic Auctioneers is already a £20,000 increase, and that guide price range extends all the way to £200,000.

Aston and Brough paid particular attention to aerodynamics with the bike, which features an array of winglets to generate downforce. However, the biggest issue with aerodynamics on a motorcycle is the big lump of meat holding the handlebars, and in the case of the AMB 001 the rider doesn’t even have a screen to hide their annoyingly-existing body behind.

Designed specifically for track use, the bike comes with a pair of Michelin Power Slicks, which is at least the same branding as the tyres used in MotoGP.

The bike being auctioned is unit #008 (unfortunate - out by one), and has not turned a wheel, although it’s said to run just fine.

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Image credit: Iconic Auctioneers.