'Stupid' pedestrian hit by motorcycle after running into traffic

Bikers in London have enough to deal with without having to worry about kamikaze pedestrians too

MOTORCYCLES are big, heavy, pointy things that tend to carry some clout at speed. 

And unless you're Hulk Hogan, or some equally hardy heavyweight bruiser I wouldn't count on your chances in a head on.

So why this tiny lady decided to dart in front of a filtering motorcyclist is beyond me, but I think it's safe to say she won't be doing it again...

The biker's helmetcam footage shows the moment the woman runs out from in front of a taxi on a busy road in central London. 

Despite grabbing the brakes, the biker cannot stop in time and collides with the woman, sending them both flying. 

Luckily, neither seems hurt, and the woman has the grace to admit it was her fault and apologise. Unfortunately, apologies don't fix broken bikes, so the rider is heard asking for the police to be called to the scene. 

Since the rider, who goes by the YouTube name 'Wolf', uploaded the video on Friday it has had more than 30,000 views, with commenter unanimously agreeing that the woman is at fault. 

However, it looks like the biker will have to foot the bill for his Yamaha WR125X himself. In the comments he wrote: "It's only the 40 quid headlight shroud so I'm just going to buy another one and replace it."