Stunning Zero FX Custom Electric Flat Tracker | Claymoto

This custom Zero FX electric flat trackers bodywork was modelled in clay before being 3D scanned and made into a reality. 

Zero FX Custom Electric Flat Tracker | Claymoto

Sometimes, when designing motorcycle bodywork, hand craftsmanship can be a more viable option than computer aided design. 

The clay modelling techniques that Claymoto’s founder Nick Graveley used to design this stunning Zero FX flat tracker are employed by many motorcycle manufacturers. Such a technique allows the bike to be sculpted and perfected using emotion and passion, instead of calculations and extrusions. 

Nick - who’s been modelling clay for 15 years - used this old school method to create an 80’s styled flat track racing motorcycle, affectionately known as ‘Quiet Riot’.

He got the idea for designing an electric flat tracker when he was building a streetfighter styled Zero SR/F back in 2017. The Supermoto FX would provide the perfect platform with its lightweight chassis, high torque, and regenerative braking system. Nick would mix new and old-style into what would become ‘Quiet Riot’.

The coincidently the 80’s style machine took around 80 hours to complete. His design harkens back to the heyday of flat tracking, during the 1970s and 80s. His ethos was to keep the bike as smooth and flowing as possible, especially around the riders knee area [as not to snag the pilot's leathers]. The bodywork was also shrunk as closely as possible to the chassis for a streamlined end result. 

Once Nick had finalised sculpting the bodywork, he scanned it using special software to create a mold for the carbon fibre body panels. 

However, the bodywork isn’t the only modification to this Zero FX. To make it a look like a true flat tracker the standard belt system was replaced with a chain drive, and the rear end, including the light, plate holder and mudguard, were custom fabricated. They can also be quickly removed if need be. 

Other mods include: 

  • Twin HID front headlights mounted to a classic number board

  • Shorter stroke suspension

  • Large alumiuim bash plate

  • Relocated speedometer

  • Renthal Handlebars

  • Flat track-focused tyres

If you like what you see then Claymoto provide a bolt-on kit for the general public. Pretty neat right? 

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Source: Electrek