Stunning Supercharged Triumph Thruxton R

This incredible Triumph Thruxton R is the result of a collaboration between Triumph and Mellow motorcycles

Supercharged Thruxton R

Triumph and custom shop Mellow Motorcycles teamed up last year to design an incredible supercharged Thruxton R. The design brief was to make to bike go as fast as possible. Mission success. And it’s a work of art. 

Let’s take a closer look at the custom Mellow Motorcycles supercharged Thruxton R's best bits.

Triumph approached German-based Mellow Motorcycles at Glemseck in 2017, after company founder Flo Herbert won the sprint race with his team. 

Glemseck is all about straight-line speed, so Chris from Triumph, Paul of Sugarmountain Customs, and the Mellow team chose to build a custom Thruxton R for the 2018 event, which would eventually become the stunning baby blue creation you can see above - aptly named Phantom Blaze.   

According to Herbert ‘the collaboration worked great on all levels’ and he highlighted how Triumph with there vast experience in engine design helped to optimise the performance of the 1200 cm3 supercharged motor, which is pushing out a delightful 142Hp (+46Hp more than stock Thuxton R). And at only 218KG fully wet that is some serious power to weight.

The supercharged Thruxton exterior is all handmade sheet metal paneling, highlighting the skill and passion required to obtain the sleek classic racing bike lines. 

The final result of the successful collaboration is a fast, functional, modern motorcycle that pays homage to its retro racing heritage in the most stunning way possible. 

How much do you want one in your garage? I think I would sell my firstborn just to get a sit on this absolute stunner. 

Full Phantom Blaze Specs

  • Base: Triumph Thruxton R
    Compressor-charged 1,200 cc twin-cylinder with additional radiator

  • 142 hp

  • Supercharged Thruxton R mapping

  • Wet weight 218kg

  • Sky blue handmade aluminium full cover

  • Extended, CNC machined swingarm

  • Wilber’s struts

  • LSL levers

  • Metzeler Rennslicks tyres 

  • Titan rear silencer from SC Project

  • Tailor Leathers seat 

  • SIA/Sika ‘Spirit of 59’ paint