Street-legal minimoto hits the UK

Insanity Bike set to become smallest two-wheeler on the road

THE SMALLEST street-legal motorbike is to be launched in the UK today.

The Insanity Bike weighs a mere 65kg, has a top speed of just under 30mph and costs £895 say importers A&D Autos in Bognor Regis.

The copmany's director, Alex Mclean said, "It's hard to believe that these bikes can pack so much enjoyment, practicality and affordability into one road legal package. Nipping around city streets is a form of entertainment on these things with the added bonus of being incredible fun on country lanes or on a track. If it's easy commuting you are after or just a hell of a lot of driving fun for a low price, then the Insanity Bike is in a league of its own."